Foam Mattresses

mebloJOGI® foam mattresses are manufactured from high quality polyester foams that offer excellent support and comfort and complete weight distribution for every body type.

Foam mattresses differ by the type of foam and number of zones. The basic foam, used in both foam mattresses and in mattresses with the pocket spring and classic steel spring core, is polyurethane foam. The firmness of the foam depends on the usage. The foam on the edges is normally firmer, than the one on the sleeping surface area.

All our foams share these characteristics:

Hypoallergenic – Some mattresses have built-in materials that prevent mite reproduction, bacteria and mold occurance and are therefore especially suitable for people with allergies and asthma.

Antibacterial  – For a clean sleeping environment, all our foams are antibacterial and mould resistant. Hygiene, protection and freshness are guaranteed.

Foam – Certificate – Safe for human health and the environment –  The certificate ensures that the products do not contain harmful substances and are therefore safe for human health and the environment. The foam we use attains a certificate of the highest level; the same certificates are required for textile baby products. All types of foam, used in our mattresses, are brought to us by a known Slovenian supplier and meet the highest quality standards.

Foam we use in our mattresses

Puhin® Foam is a new type of polyurethane foam, with high flexibility and elasticity being its main characteristics. This foam is especially suitable for mattresses, because it maintains its shape and adjusts well to the body. Puhin® foam is hypoallergenic; therefore it is perfect for people with allergies and asthma.

HR-foam is high-resilient foam, which perfectly supports body pressure points and relieves the body due to the high elasticity of the material. An open pore structure, that resembles a natural sea sponge, ensures air permeability and a pleasant sleeping climate with excellent moisture and heat control. HR-foam is very soft and pleasant to the touch and it properly supports the body. HR-foam is hypoallergenic and suitable for asthmatics and people with allergies.

Memory Foam is a well-known material, that moulds itself under body weight and temperature, embraces the body and minimizes the upward pressure of the mattress as much as possible. It provides even support while lying on it and always returns to its original form. The spine stays in its proper position and is physiologically aligned, also when sleeping on your side. Memory foam is hypoallergenic and suitable for asthmatics and people with allergies.



mebloJOGI® Monsun

Mattress made from memory foam and Puhin® foam with deep air channels offers great ventilation, support and comfort. It is popular with the young adults and suitable for people with allergies. ...more

mebloJOGI® Aktiv seven

The mattress with the ergonomic 7-zone core made out of comfortable Puhin® foam ensures proper functional body support. It has a winter and summer side. It is suitable as an extra bed and comes in a practical roll packaging. ...more


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