Bed and Mattress Accessories

Bed and mattress accessories can make a difference in your sleep quality. They can significantly improve our comfort and well being while sleeping.


We offer a wide selection of mattress and bed accessories. We manufacture mattress pads, slatted beds and pillows. Mattress pads are used for mattress protection, easier maintenance and increase of sleeping surface comfort. Quality bases additionally increase the support and comfort of the chosen mattress, as the flexible slats adjust perfectly to the mattress pressure. A pillow should be flexible in all sleeping positions and provide proper support for your head, neck and shoulders.


A stronger construction of the slatted base for greater load capacity. It provides an extremely firm support to the mattress and your body....more

mebloJOGI® CONTRADOL motorized adjustable

The slatted base is a motor-adjustable innovative medical base. Its speciality is in the proper arrangement of the adjustable base sections in the low-back and leg area....more


The pad protects mattresses from liquids, it is liquid impermeable and air permeable. We recommend the use of the pad on mattresses for children. If you want to have a dry and fresh sleeping surface, this pad is perfect for you. ...more


A pad with a summer and winter side for the optimum temperature equalization in all seasons. We recommend it to reduce the feeling of contact between the two mattresses on a double bed....more


A mattress pad with a high cotton fibre content in the filling, which increases the comfort of the sleeping surface with its natural softness. The pad is washable, therefore it is easier to maintain the freshness and cleanliness of your mattress. ...more


This high mattress pad increases comfort of the sleeping surface as the abundant latex layer properly supports all of the body’s pressure points and supports and palliates your body. The cover is removable and washable, so you can maintain a clean and fresh sleeping surface. ...more


The Lava pad efficiently palliates muscles and joints and increases the comfort of your sleeping surface. The cover is washable so you can easily maintain a fresh and clean sleeping surface....more


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