Every night we care for a healthy and quality sleep of people throughout their time of live, from early childhood to late age. Read about the typical quality guarantee of Meblo.

Made in Slovenia

All MebloJOGI mattresses and beds are made in Slovenia, in our manufacturing facilities in Nova Gorica. Our products are the result of more than 50 years of knowledge and tradition. When manufacturing our products, we combine the manual thorough work of our seamstresses and automized production processes. We make sure that our products are of the highest quality by regularly testing all of them.We have been the leading manufacturer of sleep products in Slovenia for more than 50 years. We strongly believe we have achieved that by constantly educating ourselves and gaining new knowledge. All our internal tests, performed by development and quality section, as well as the external tests, performed by authorized testing institutions, confirm that we manufacture innovative and quality sleep products.


High quality and certified materials from the EU 

High quality beds can only be made out of high quality materials. In the production of mebloJOGI® mattresses only the best materials are used. They are brought to us by the manufacturers from the European Union. All the manufacturers we cooperate with have high demands on the quality of materials and standards. The quality and standard requirements are not so strict outside the European Union, which is why materials and mattresses of such an origin can be of lower quality. It is not always necessary that those materials attain certificates that guarantee they do not contain harmful substances. Always enquire about the manufacturer’s certificates. You should check all the certificates of the mattresses’s built-in materials to assess the quality of the product. All our materials attain internationally valid certificates, which you can check at our office. We only choose high-quality materials from the European manufacturers which are safe for human health and the environment.


More than 12,000,000 customers sleeping on mebloJOGI® mattresses 

We started our production in Nova Gorica more than 50 years ago, and we still manufacture our products in the same location. We can proudly say that we are the largest mattress manufacturer in Slovenia.  We have manufactured more than 12 million mattresses. Our long-lasting company and production are the biggest proofs, that our customers trust us immensely. Meblo INT d.o.o. Company produces mebloJOGI® mattresses and beds and other sleep products. We are one of the few companies in Slovenia, that not only sells mattresses, but also manufactures them. This is our greatest advantage, since we can control all production processes, from the chosen materials to the final product.


mebloJOGI®, jogi® and Meblo® are recognisable brands in the field of quality mattresses and sleep

Jogi brand has been in the market since the early 60’s, when the company Meblo manufactured its first spring core mattress and had to come up with a name for it. They put together a committee that announced a competition. The name Jogi and the symbol of fakir were chosen, and soon became a synonym of a healthy and quality sleep. The brand symbol was changed after a few years. Since 2009 the name mebloJOGI has been in use to make the products even more recognisable.

mebloJOGI® is an established trademark defined by its employees and their knowledge, years of experience and more than 50 years of tradition and the transfer of know-how. Our mattresses and all other sleep products are created under the diligent hands of our seamstresses, experienced upholsterers and workers in different departments and sections.


Trust and loyalty of our customers and business partners

You, our dear customers, show your trust when you purchase the products of our company, and after years of using them, return to us as pleased and satisfied customers. Every rested and pleased face that we see at our store is our confirmation. It shows and proves that we work well and provide our customers with quality and comfort.

Not only our customers, but also our business partners and clients show their trust in us. We have been working closely with various investors, engineering houses, architectural offices, public institutions for many years. We take pride and pleasure in satisfying different needs and demands from our clients, when it comes to the quality of sleep.

We thank our loyal customers for trusting us. We thank those who are yet going to do that.

  • Aleš H. Ljubljana 20.02.2018

    The Flower mattress convinced us with the option of two-sided use. We are very satisfied with our choice, because we get a good night’s sleep.

    I usually decide quite rationally when buying things I need. I always buy things from specialists who know their products. Meblojogi is one of those specialists, experienced in the field of sleep products. I first viewed their wide selection of mattresses on the Internet, and then my wife and I personally visited their store in BTC and tried some models there. We chose the Flower mattress. The double use of the mattress was decisive – on one side the mattress is made from firmer latex with gel, and on the other side it is made from memory foam. This is actually a mattress with summer-winter side and you can use it according to your needs. We are very satisfied with our choice, because we get a good night’s sleep.


  • Hotel Vander Urbani Resort, Ljubljana Amanda Vujadinović, CEO and owner 20.02.2018

    We know exactly what our guests need

    We know exactly what our guests need when they take off their travelling shoes. That is why we want to offer them only the best. Among other things, we want to enable them a good night’s sleep. We have chosen meblojogi® beds and mattresses because we know that they will fulfil the needs of our guests. We are pleased that our guests are satisfied with the comfortable rest they get in the intimacy of our rooms. Besides furnishing our facility with beds and mattresses, Meblo INT Ltd. also upholstered the walls with masterful accuracy. I can confirm that they carried out their work professionally and they know their business well. We decided to cooperate with them again when we were expanding our hotel.

  • Hotel CUBO, Ljubljana Sandi Kovačević, direktor 20.02.2018

    It often happens that our guests notice and praise the choice of our beds and mattresses. They inquire about the manufacturer and often ask for their contact.

    From the very opening of the CUBO Hotel, we pay great attention to the quality of our services and to the satisfaction and comfort of our guests – from the unique design of the hotel to the quality and choice of food at breakfast and in the restaurant itself, and the choice of first class bedding and cosmetics.

    The key element is undoubtedly a comfortable bed. We are pleased that we have chosen a Slovenian company and partner Meblojogi, which provided comfortable beds and mattresses for our hotel and advised us on the right choice. The company still helps us to maintain the quality of the beds. We are always happy to recommend the company to our guests. It often happens that the guests praise the choice of our beds and mattresses, and inquire about the company and ask for their contact. We can certainly say that CUBO Hotel is very pleased with our cooperation, which resulted in our guests being extremely satisfied customers. We will gladly choose your company, Meblojogi again, when starting new projects or expanding our hotel.

  • Majda in Boris B. Celje 20.02.2018

    We chose Oaza mattress, because it is made from natural mateerials. We are enjoying our sleep now!

    A year ago, I and my husband, bought a mattress that was advertised on TV quite a lot. The price was good, so we decided to buy it. That was certainly a mistake. We couldn’t sleep, because the foam mattress was really uncomfortable, we were always hot and sweating a lot while sleeping. When we couldn’t take it anymore, we made a decision to buy a mattress with a spring core, so it would be more airy. We went to one of the Meblojogi stores and tried out different mattresses. We chose Oaza hard, which is made from natural materials – latex and cotton. The mattress was more expensive than the one in the ad, but we now understand that quality natural materials cannot be cheap. We are very satisfied with our choice.



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