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mebloJOGI® Nirvana

A luxurious mattress of the highest quality, manufacture and design. The double pocket spring core, with almost 5000 springs, provides complete relaxation while sleeping. ...more

mebloJOGI® Flower

Top-quality mattress of excellent design, production and silken exterior. You do not have to decide between a softer or firmer mattress - you can have both in one. You will not regret buying it....more

mebloJOGI® Woody

Meblojogi Woody is the first Slovenian mattress made from natural latex to which essential copper was added. The mattress cover, with the innovative 100% natural anti-bacterial quilt protection Woodwork®, is removable and washable. ...more

mebloJOGI® Oaza

It is the most popular mattress among our customers. It is recognized by its natural materials - latex, jute and cotton. It has an extremely airy ergonomic 5-zone pocket spring core, which is enriched with an abundant latex layer....more

mebloJOGI® Perla+

Ergonomic pocket spring core combined with a memory foam layer. It offers great pressure point adjustability. For those who love to have pletny of comfort. ...more

mebloJOGI® Platinum

Edinstvena 7-conska vzmetnica z naravnim lateksom obogatenim z gel zrnci za prijetno svežino in sproščujoč spanec ter preobleko Platinum Care 3D, ki ohranja vašo kožo mehko in elastično ter jo ščiti pred izgubo vlage....more

mebloJOGI® Kozmik+

An excellent mattress with an ergonomic pocket spring core and airy HR-foam. Especially loved by parents and children, as it enables maximum hygiene and is suitable for people with allergies....more

mebloJOGI® Dinamic

Exceptional support and adjustability with the 5-zoned pocket spring core. You can choose from three different firmness levels. A best-seller among the mattresses with the summer-winter side. ...more

mebloJOGI® Dinamic EH

It is the firmest mattress we manufacture, it has the label extra firm. It is suitable for heavier strains. Extremely firm support provided by the 5-zone pocket spring core and comfortable Puhin® foam....more

mebloJOGI® Fit

1-zone pocket spring core combined with Puhin® foam layer offers firm support and enjoyable sleeping comfort. It is popular with parents buying mattresses for their children. ...more

mebloJOGI® Perform

mebloJOGI® Perform high-quality mattress with ergonomic pocket springs for optimal support and body adjustment, enclosed in comfortable Puhin® foam which softens the mattress pressure on the body....more

mebloJOGI® Klasik

A classic mattress with the Bonnell spring system offers firm and lasting support. The Puhin® foam layer provides enjoyable sleeping comfort. For those who love classic spring mattresses. ...more

mebloJOGI® Monsun

Mattress made from memory foam and Puhin® foam with deep air channels offers great ventilation, support and comfort. It is popular with the young adults and suitable for people with allergies. ...more

mebloJOGI® Aktiv seven

The mattress with the ergonomic 7-zone core made out of comfortable Puhin® foam ensures proper functional body support. It has a winter and summer side. It is suitable as an extra bed and comes in a practical roll packaging. ...more

mebloJOGI® Koala natur

7-zone latex mattress is perfect for those who love nature - the mattress is made from natural materials - latex, cotton and viscose. The mattress of top quality and airy comfort. It palliates the pressure on your body. ...more

mebloJOGI® Jantar natur

High-quality five-layered mattress from natural materials. Layers of latex, jute and coconut offer firm support. The viscose and cotton mattress cover provides a natural and fresh feeling while sleeping. ...more

mebloJOGI® Bambi natur

A quality mattress for children. It is made from layers of latex with jute and coconut. It offers great, adjusted firmness. Air channels prevent body overheating while sleeping. The possibility of a custom made mattress (also for baby baskets). ...more

mebloJOGI® Simba

High-quality and exceptionally airy mattress due to its pocket springs that allow air circualtion in the mattress. Suitable for people with allergies. The hygiene is easily maintained. ...more

mebloJOGI® Dumbo

Airy classic steel spring core mattress with Puhin® foam provides a firm support and a pleasant sleeping environment for your child. We can easily remove and wash the mattress cover. ...more

mebloJOGI® Tedi

3-zone mattress from HR-foam with air channels provides excellent air ventialtion and prevents body overheating while sleeping. Custom made mattress option (also for baby baskets). Suitable for people with allergies. ...more

mebloJOGI® NAVI S 1000

The Navi mattress is made from the most prestigious materials. It is ideal for those who like to get a luxurious sleep also when on holidays. It offers unique comfort on more than 3,000 micro-springs.*...more

mebloJOGI® NAVI S 625

Top-quality Navi mattress with the minipocket spring core is recognizable by its exceptional airiness and comfort. It is very low which makes it ideal for vessels, campers and caravans. ...more

mebloJOGI® NAVI F 24

HR-foam deep air channels and airy 3D-textile for optimum air ventilation in the mattress. The mattress cover is made from natural materials flax and cotton, which ensure a pleasant fresh feeling. ...more


mebloJOGI® Parum latex pillow with an innovative 2-zone core made of latex for maximum adjustability. ...more


mebloJOGI® Magna latex pillow provides a compact and exceptionally elastic support to your head, neck and shoulders....more


mebloJOGI® Tenues latex pillow provides a softer support for the head in the middle of the pillow, and a more firmer neck and shoulder support on the edge of the pillow. It is liked by children and adolescents and those who prefer using low pillows....more


mebloJOGI® Crater anatomic latex pillow with a special dent design provides proper support to the neck and head. It prevents neck and shoulder pain....more


mebloJOGI® Montis anatomic latex pillow provides proper neck and head support and helps to keep the spine in its natural aligned position. ...more


mebloJOGI® Mollia memory pillow is made from memory foam, which adjusts completely to the head shape and evenly distributes the pressure of the pillow on your head. ...more


mebloJOGI® Spongia anatomic HR-foam pillow adjusts to the head and neck pressure points. In addition it is especially airy. ...more


Perfect base for pocket spring core mattresses. A base with 42 birch wood spring slats. ...more

mebloJOGI® MULTI adjustable

Perfect base for pocket spring core mattresses. It offers head and leg section height adjusting option....more


Slatted base with 26/28 birch wood slats, suitable for all types of mattress....more

mebloJOGI® COMFORT adjustable

This slatted base is suitable for all types of mattress, it comes with the head and leg section height adjusting option....more

mebloJOGI® MEDICO adjustable

This slatted base is a medically designed bed base. The innovative option of adjusting the back section relieves heartburn. We recommend it for people with heartburn problems, breathing difficulties and after medical procedures. ...more


A stronger construction of the slatted base for greater load capacity. It provides an extremely firm support to the mattress and your body....more

mebloJOGI® CONTRADOL motorized adjustable

The slatted base is a motor-adjustable innovative medical base. Its speciality is in the proper arrangement of the adjustable base sections in the low-back and leg area....more


The pad protects mattresses from liquids, it is liquid impermeable and air permeable. We recommend the use of the pad on mattresses for children. If you want to have a dry and fresh sleeping surface, this pad is perfect for you. ...more


A pad with a summer and winter side for the optimum temperature equalization in all seasons. We recommend it to reduce the feeling of contact between the two mattresses on a double bed....more


A mattress pad with a high cotton fibre content in the filling, which increases the comfort of the sleeping surface with its natural softness. The pad is washable, therefore it is easier to maintain the freshness and cleanliness of your mattress. ...more


This high mattress pad increases comfort of the sleeping surface as the abundant latex layer properly supports all of the body’s pressure points and supports and palliates your body. The cover is removable and washable, so you can maintain a clean and fresh sleeping surface. ...more


The Lava pad efficiently palliates muscles and joints and increases the comfort of your sleeping surface. The cover is washable so you can easily maintain a fresh and clean sleeping surface....more

mebloJOGI® Merlin KF

This box spring bed comes in a modern yet still classic design. It will embellish your bedroom with a headboard with buttons in the fabric of your choice....more

mebloJOGI® Merlin KR

A box-spring bed of modern design and straight lines. It is popular with those who love minimalism and are very dynamic. The wide selection of fabric enables great flexibility....more

mebloJOGI® Merlin TR

A spring bed with a classic and at the same time modern look with a straight headboard and quilted rectangular frames offers countless combinations – a bed design that adjusts perfectly to your wishes. ...more

mebloJOGI® Merlin K1002

A spring bed mebloJOGI® Merlin K1002 with a modern look. A comfortable headboard with practical removable pillows will embellish any bedroom. ...more

mebloJOGI® Merlin TU

Create a sleeping paradise in your bedroom by deciding for a box spring bed with a higher sleeping headboard. Treat yourself with a bed of a unique design....more

mebloJOGI® Merlin TS

Timeless box spring bed of classic design and a headboard with squares. If you like the hotel design of beds, then this is the right choice for you. You will make the bed unique by choosing the fabric you like. ...more

mebloJOGI® Merlin K1011

Box spring bed with a straight and high headboard. For those who like to treat themselves and wish to create a unique sleeping environment in their bedroom. ...more

mebloJOGI® Merlin KM

Box spring bed of classic design and straight lines. Create a sleeping paradise by choosing the fabric according to your taste. ...more

mebloJOGI® Merlin KN

The box spring bed of a modern yet still classic design. The timeless straight lined headboard will embellish your bedroom. You can choose from more than 300 coloured patterns of different fabric and mock leather....more

mebloJOGI® Merlin KA

The semicircular headboard for those who love classic design. You can choose from more than 300 coloured patterns of different fabric and mock leather....more

mebloJOGI® Gracia KG

Classic box spring bed with a rounded headboard will create an elegant sleeping environment. Its extra advantages are practical underbed storage drawers and a nonstandard bed height which will ease getting out of bed. ...more

mebloJOGI® Gracia KN

This box spring bed of elegant straight lines embellishes every bedroom with its timeless elegance. Its extra advantages are practical underbed storage drawers and a nonstandard bed height which will ease getting out of bed. ...more

mebloJOGI® Capri

It is an extremely practical bed with the adjustable slatted bed base. It offers a great storage space unit and a lot of comfort at the same time. ...more


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