It is our belief that if we want to conduct our business efficiently and successfully, we have to be aware of the social and environmental responsibility as a company. We understand that we are a part of a bigger and wider natural and social environment – as individuals and as business subjects. With carefully planned activities we regularly try to give back to the community and environment.


mebloJOGI® Solar Power Plant’s green energy from renewable sources

In Meblo INT d. o. o.  Company we like taking care of the environment. Our manufacturing facilites are equipped with one of the largest solar power plants in Slovenia. mebloJOGI® solar power plant is good for us and our environment as it produces electricity from renewable sources.

mebloJOGI® Solar Power Plant

The mebloJOGI® Solar Power Plant consists of 3,416 photovoltaic modules covering 5,715.94 m2 from the total 11,484.11 m2 of the roof of the building. During the plant construction, we carried out the roof rebuilding as well, with 120 tons of asbestos roofs being removed. We increased the quality of roof insulation by implementing sandwich panel roofing system. The view on the north side of the building remained unchanged, while the south side reveals photovoltaic power plant, which is also the primary roof covering.

250 W photovoltaic modules form a solar power plant with a nominal power of 853.25 kWp. It will produce approximately 970 MWh of electricity a year, which would suffice for approx. 240 households. The power plant does not need fossil fuels and does not pollute the environment. On the contrary, every megawatt of produced electricity prevents the release of one tonne of CO2, which would otherwise occur in the production of conventional power stations. Its operation is quiet and environmentally friendly. A major part of the power plant itself is its own transformer station, to which the power plant has been connected since May 2011.

We have also built a new 1 MW transformer station, through which the power plant is connected directly to a 20 kW distribution network. In addition to photovoltaic modules, the plant also consists of 60 inverters and a communication system. There were 25,000 m of cable installed, and about 140,000 screws were used to attach everything together.

About 30 workers actively participated in the construction of the power plant during the period of three months. The renovation of the roof was carried out by Solmont d.o.o., while the design and construction of the power plant was executed by Tep d.o.o., which also conducts continuous monitoring of the power plant.

mebloJOGI® Solar Power Plant is the largest solar power plant in Primorska Region, and one of the largest in Slovenia. It certainly represents a milestone in the use of renewable energy sources in the region.



Meblo INT d. o. o. COMPANY is a part of the waste management system at Slopak Company and thus contributes to a responsible attitude towards the environment. We also provide our customers with the removal of the old mattress and proper recycling.



We strive for a positive working environment and continuous training and education for our employees, as this is the only way to ensure the quality of our products and services and optimize all work processes. Responsibility, initiative, effort and success are the values that we expect, recognize and reward accordingly.




Hospital mattresses and beds for newborn babies, humanitarian societies, youth homes, etc.

Life is unpredictable and it often happens that the most vulnerable groups need help. Meblo INT d. o. o. Company and its employees try to do their best to help with various charity projects; we donate beds and mattresses to humanitarian societies, children’s departments of hospitals, youth homes, etc.



We support young cyclists and the operation of the mebloJOGI® Pro-Concrete Cycling Team

We sponsor the work of the mebloJOGI® Pro-Concrete Cycling Team, which is focused on the development of young cycling competitors as well as professional cyclists. Our company and the cycling club share the same values – we support a healthy way of living and encourage people to spend their free time in a good, quality way.  Meblo INT d. o. o. contributes to the success of the environment in which we live and create also by sponsoring the cycling club.



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