Since the beginning of our mattress production in the 60’s, we have been providing a healthy and quality sleep for people throughout their lives, from early childhood to old age.

Quality of sleep at the highest level

We find our purpose in constant improvements in the development of our products. By doing that we would like to ensure a better sleep quality and more comfort for our customers. We want our customers to enjoy well-being and sleep comfort at the highest level.  We try hard to make people’s lives better and happier.



Our vision is to be an innovative and creative company in the production of sleep products. We wish to remain the largest mattress and bed manufacturer in Slovenia and to further strengthen our presence in the foreign markets.




Health Comes First

We believe that quality sleep is the most natural and most valuable way to provide the body with appropriate health conditions. That is why our products are manufactured in controlled procedures and from strictly certified materials, which guarantee top-quality rest and excellent well-being.


Safety and Excellent Material and Product Quality 

All the materials that we use to manufacture our sleep products come from selected suppliers from the European Union. Our company mantains long term business connections and relations with our associates. We are selective when it comes to choosing the materials for our products. Materials meet the highest quality standards which are confirmed by a number of internationally valid certificates.


Constant Improvements and Developments in the Production of Sleep Products

We have been the leading manufacturer of sleep products in Slovenia for more than 50 years. We strongly believe we have achieved that by constantly educating ourselves and gaining new knowledge. All our internal tests, performed by development and quality section, as well as the external tests, performed by authorized testing institutions, confirm that we manufacture innovative and quality sleep products.

All the products developed by the Development and Quality Section are based on technology, which we always continue to upgrade. The products are the result of our knowledge and are often designed in cooperation with different Slovenian research institutes, highly specialized experts and, last but not least, our users. We are certain that this is the only way to offer our customers the best solutions for a quality sleep.


Raising the Awareness About the Importance of Quality Sleep and Well-being

We are actively involved in raising the awareness about the importance of quality sleep and well-being.  Our customers and users can contact our consultants at the Customer Support service. We are always available to the media, when quality sleep and sleep comfort are in question. We gladly provide expert opinion and information on the topic.


Satisfied and Rested Users

Satisfied and rested users are our top priority, so we strive to meet the needs and desires of each and every one of them. In addition to the standard bed and mattress collection, we offer the possibility of customized beds and mattresses, satisfying  those with more demanding needs.

The excellent feedback from our pleased customers confirms that mebloJOGI® brand has really become a synonym for a quality sleep. The continuous operation of our production and more than 50 years of tradition are the biggest proofs that our users trust us.


Reliability, quick responsiveness and an honest relation with our customers and investors

We have been working closely with various investors, engineering houses, architectural offices, public institutions for many years. We take pride and pleasure in satisfying different needs and demands from our clients, when it comes to the quality of sleep. Our clients and business partners see us as reliable, responsible and trustworthy partners when it comes to working on different projects. We can gladly say that we maintain long-term business relations with our clients and partners. Read what our business partners and clients say about us here.


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