We are certain that healthy sleep can improve the quality of our lives.

Meblo INT d.o.o. Company is certain that healthy sleep improves the quality of life. That is why our products are designed to provide well-being and excellent sleep comfort.


We are experts in sleep product, mattress and bed production.

Meblo INT d.o.o. Company produces mebloJOGI® mattresses and beds and other sleep products. We are one of the few companies in Slovenia, that not only sells mattresses, but also manufactures them. This is our greatest advantage, since we can control all production processes, from the chosen materials to the final product.

mebloJOGI® is an established trademark defined by its employees and their knowledge, years of experience and more than 50 years of tradition and the transfer of know-how. Our mattresses and all other sleep products are created under the diligent hands of our seamstresses, experienced upholsterers and workers in different departments and sections.


A wide selection of sleep products

We strive to satisfy all the wishes and needs of our customers, therefore we offer a wide range of sleep products. You can choose between classic steel spring mattresses, pocket spring mattresses, foam mattresses and latex mattresses. Our experts designed mebloJOGI® mattresses and beds for children in order to provide a sound and safe sleep for the youngest. Since quality and relaxing sleep is also important on holidays, we have developed a special line of mebloJOGI® Navi mattresses and beds designed for use on vessels, in holiday caravans and campers. We offer sleeping accessories – pillows, mattress pads and slatted bases. Our feature is uniquely sprung beds that allow maximum adjustment of the mattress. We also have a special collection for facility furnishing.


We carry on the 50-year mattress development so you can sleep better

mebloJOGI® mattresses and beds are made on the basis of thorough studies of the ergonomic requirements of the human body. High quality materials, used with various technological solutions, and precise processing of all our products, offer ideal support, excellent comfort and perfect weight distribution for every body type.

All MebloJOGI mattresses and beds are made in Slovenia, in our manufacturing facilities in Nova Gorica. When manufacturing our products, we combine the manual thorough work of our seamstresses and automized production processes. We make sure that our products are of the highest quality by regularly testing all of them.


mebloJOGI®, jogi® and Meblo® are recognisable brands in the field of quality mattresses and sleep

Meblo INT d.o.o.  Company is the owner of mebloJOGI®, jogi® and meblo® brands and the successor of the production of legendary Jogi mattresses. Since 2009 the name mebloJOGI has been in use to make the products even more recognisable.


Our knowledge, tradition and experience guarantee a quality sleep

There are plenty of mattress retailers in the Slovenian market, but only a few with such a production history like ours. Our products are the result of more than 50 years of tradition and experience in the production of sleep products. We can proudly say that we are the leading mattress manufacturer in Slovenia.


Good references on mattress and beds facility furnishing

Our list of references is our evidence that our business partners (care homes for the elderly, student dormitories, holiday apartments and other accommodation facilities) trust and believe in us. Numerous hotels in Slovenia and abroad entrust us to provide the best for their guests, who confirm that mebloJOGI mattresses are the right choice for a good night’s sleep. Many hospitals cooperate with us, and together we develop medically specialized beds.


We have manufactured more than 12,000,000 mattresses 

We started our production in Nova Gorica more than 50 years ago, and we still manufacture our products in the same location. We can proudly say that we are the largest mattress manufacturer in Slovenia.  We have manufactured more than 12 million mattresses. Our long-lasting company and production are the biggest proofs, that our customers trust us immensely.

We are aware that loyalty comes from customer satisfaction. We have kept the single most important idea at the forefront of our minds – loyal and satisfied customers. You are our motivation since we want to provide you with a good night’s sleep every night of your life.

We thank our loyal customers for trusting us. We thank those who are yet going to do that.


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